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Pros and Cons of Homework

While there are no conclusive studies to prove that homework is harmful to children’s development, it has become a controversy between two schools of thought, one which believes that it is an effective way to reinforce the things learned at school. Another believes that instead of homework, children can spend their time on other meaningful and fulfilling activities.

In light of this divisiveness, it is difficult to conclude whether homework is important, a mere necessity or if any stress adds to the students any good. Below are some pros and cons of homework.

Pros of Homework

  1. It encourages the discipline of practice.

Going over the same problem is extremely boring and difficult, but it also reinforces discipline. Constant practice makes perfect. When you complete homework every night, chances are you understand the concepts even better, and this little advantage is needed later in life, especially when you begin to practice in your chosen career.

  1. It gets parents involved with a child’s life.

Bringing homework home is a perfect opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s life and cultivating the habit of solving problems together. Some parents specifically request that their kids get homework to see what their child learned in school.

  1. It creates a comfortable place to study.

The classroom evolution has seen it evolve into a warmer and welcoming environment, but not enough to compare with the comfort obtained at home. Learning in a comfortable and safe space like your home makes it possible to retain more information.

  1. It reduces screen time.

As much as homework may be disliked and hated, it is an effective way to control your child’s screen time. For example, on a school night, children get between 3-4 hours of screen time every day, and the figure doubles when it’s not a school night. However, when homework is involved, one or two hours spent is usually taken out of the student’s screen time; this is also an effective way to discourage distracting habits that watching the TV represents.  

Cons of Homework

  1. Children benefit from playing.

Being in the classroom has its advantages, but so does being on the playground. When homework becomes too much, it denies the child the opportunity to play, relax, or release all the stress-related energy pent up inside him. Studies have shown that low-level academic performance is associated with a low level of play.

  1. It encourages a sedentary lifestyle.

If you must complete your homework, you must sit for a long time, representing a sedentary lifestyle. The disadvantages of living a sedentary lifestyle include premature death and obesity. As much as doing your homework can help encourage knowledge retention, it usually comes at a high price. Fortunately, now you can get help with homework at domyhomework123.com which is highly affordable. Also, this service will help you free up lots of time for after-school activities such as sports, hobbies and rest.

  1. Not every home is a beneficial environment.

While some parents are interested in their child’s academic activities, others are not. They may be too busy to explain difficult concepts, or maybe they do not understand the concept themselves. In this case, employing a tutor may be a solution, but not every parent can afford it. When this happens, the purpose of homework is completely lost, and the child is left to battle with it all alone.

  1. It may encourage cheating on multiple levels.

Some students may decide to copy their colleagues and friends instead of sitting down to figure out the answers to their questions. In contrast, others may choose to solve their homework in class for the same reason to avoid taking it home or engaging in any serious problem-solving.